Copyright royalties

In addition to the radio and television fees, companies that use musical or audiovisual works outside of the private sphere must pay royalties to the Cooperative Society of Music Authors and Publishers in Switzerland (SUISA). Billag collects copyright royalties on behalf of SUISA in accordance with the Common Tariff 3a (available in german).

Using musical or audiovisual works for teaching purposes as part of compulsory education and in state secondary schools is not subject to these royalties.

Copyrights and Related Rights

The law protects the rights of authors of works, as well as those of performers, producers and broadcasters. These are known as related rights.

Table of copyright royalties
Copyrights *CHF 12.30CHF 147.60
Related rights **CHF 4.30CHF 51.70
Total radioCHF 16.60CHF 199.30
Copyrights *CHF 13.30CHF 159.60
Related rights **CHF 4.65CHF 55.90
Total televisionCHF 17.95CHF 215.50

All fees include VAT (*: 2.5%, **: 7.7%) and have been rounded in accordance with standard commercial practice

These amounts are only applicable to audible areas of up to 1000 square metres. These provisions apply to companies with larger audible areas.


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