In Switzerland, you are legally obligated to pay the radio and television fees. By paying the fees you enable radio and television programmes in every part of Switzerland.

What is the purpose of your contribution?

The radio and television fees represent the financial basis of radio and television in Switzerland. Thanks to your contribution, it is possible to offer daily Swiss programmes in every linguistic region of the country. The fees also enable several radio and television broadcasters to offer independent programming services. The federal government decides which broadcasters receive fees and what amount is allocated to them.

Who has to pay?

Anyone who owns a device which allows to listen to the radio or to watch television is obligated to register and to pay the fees. There is no limit to the number of people in a single household that can watch and listen to broadcasts. The type of device or distribution channel (cable, telephone network, satellite) are not important either.

Please note: your private reception fees cover your holiday home if you use it yourself and don't rent it out. You can find out more about it in the FAQs.

What is classified as a receiving device?

Receiving devices include the following:

  • radios (including car radios), mobile phones with radio reception and computers (including tablets) with internet access, television and/or TV-Box with integrated radio reception
  • televisions, mobile phones with television reception and computers (including tablets) with internet access, insofar as you have an account (even if it's for free) with an internet television provider

Register now.

When can you deregister?

You can deregister if you:

  • move into someone's home who already pays the fees
  • move abroad
  • no longer own any devices which allows to watch TV or listen to the radio

Please consider that a deregistration must always be submitted by writting.


Thank you for your inquiry. We will treat it as soon as possible and will get back to you if we have any questions.

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